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Top Six Furnace Brands For Your Home

Finding the right furnace for your home is one of the more important choices you can make. Especially during the winter, the furnace is a central part of the home, keeping the home warm and cozy during the coldest and wildest weather.

When it comes to the furnace brands, knowing that you have a good or reputable brand should be comforting. While no furnaces have a notoriously ‘bad’ reputation, there are quality furnaces out there. What you need to be aware of is the quality of the installer, as well. When paired with a reliable installer, the furnace should keep your home comfortable and cozy all winter long. I would strongly recommend you check out When it comes to the top furnace brands, there are six that you may want to keep your eye on.

What is the Best Furnace1. Coleman: As a company, is owned by Johnson Controls. Coleman is well known for it’s outdoor camping gear. They also make solid, reliable furnaces that are known for their longevity. Their furnaces are often covered by a good warranty, including the ‘Comforteer’ series, LX, and Echelon series units. The warranties are a lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger and a ten year limited warranty for other parts.

2. Trane: These furnaces are made by the American Standard company. Though they had once featured control and circuit board issues, their current furnace lines are well built and well known. Many technicians show some experience with them and the plethora of repair parts make them easy to fix up should they fail. The company, like Coleman, has a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger and a ten year warranty on parts.

3. Carrier, Payne, Bryant: The Carrier brands (including Payne and Bryant) have learned from past mistakes and make a solid product for homes. They make high quality, energy efficient heating and cooling options for your home. However, it may be a bit more difficult to find parts for these brands of furnace, as well as a technician that may be able to help you if they do fail.

4. Rheem: Rheem is another common, reliable brand. They are reliable, offer energy-efficient options, and have a solid warranty in case of failure. Due to some consumer reviews, it may be recommended to keep an eye on regular maintenance for these. Otherwise, they are easy to repair and relatively affordable.

5. Lennox: Lennox furnaces are fairly expensive. However, they are a higher end product that may cost more. They do offer a tax credit eligible set of furnaces, as well as a comprehensive warranty for their products. They are high quality and Energy Star rated, making them a good choice.

6. Goodman: Goodman furnaces are often noted to give great value for a bit less cost. They may need more maintenance than some other brands, but they are easy to find and easy to repair if needed. They include a ‘GoodCare’ warranty plan that can cover some labor fees if extended. Goodman furnaces, like others, offer premium units with energy savings options.

If you are looking for a good, reliable furnace for your new home or to replace a failing, older furnace, keep a few of the big names in mind. When you realize that many furnaces are made much the same way, the little differences begin to matter. Whether it is Coleman or Goodman, these furnace brands are some of the best reviewed out there.


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